ELIAS Documentation

Welcome to the ELIAS music engine! The ELIAS engine allows you to render adaptive music in your game that follows the story and the in-game events in a musical way.

This is the reference documentation for the low level C API. When browsing the reference, we suggest that you start by reviewing the "Categories" page.

For more information on what is new in this release, see the Version History page.

To get started, download our SDK and include elias.h in your project. You must also link with the appropriate library for your target platform. In addition, you have to acquire an ELIAS project with which to test your integration (check out the free example theme on our download page or purchase one of the themes from our store).

If you would like to see some example code, check out the "Examples" page.

To get ELIAS up and running, follow these steps:

All the functions that are available in the ELIAS API are thread-safe. Any exceptions are clearly stated in the description of the functions to which they apply.

Thank you for using the ELIAS engine!